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MightyPak it. Then ship it!TM
Save Money
"Fourth quarter results showed 57% savings."
Save up to 50% or more on direct costs for void fill and cushioning.
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Increase Throughput
"Greater throughput with only 8 lines. . ."
Dispense paper at 7 feet per second, about 25% faster than loosefill and other paper-dispensing machines.
"Most versatile machine on the market."
  Types of Paper Use 30 lb. up to 90 lb. - bogus, kraft or newsprint, trimmed or untrimmed - roll width from 18" to 30" or wider
  Freestanding Model Easily can be moved around a packaging line and is ideal for decentralized workstations.
  Over-Conveyor Model Fits over a conveyor so it doesn't take up floor space and is the right choice for high-speed lines.
  Automatic Roll Delivery Rolls of paper can be delivered automatically to Over-Conveyor machines.
Safety and Ease of Use
"We could not find anything easier. . ."
The MightyPak System was ergonomically designed with operator safety and comfort in mind. Dispensing position can be adjusted with the push of a button, and the machine's small, compact sizegives operators more room to pack on the packaging line.
Hassle-Free Service
". . .virtually eliminates any down time for service."
Paper-processing components are contained in the small, removeable Feed/Cut Module. If service is needed, just slide the old module out and the new one in. It's as easy as replacing a battery in a cordless drill. Absolutely no tools needed.
The Environment
"It has created a more earth-friendly issue. . ."
The MightyPak System can use 100% recycled paper-not recyclable paper as used in some other machines.
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