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What Our Customers Have to Say
"We've had great success and we have been able to save tremendous amounts of time and money with the MightyPak machines. We carefully considered other packaging machines and, at the end of the day, we could not find anything faster, more cost effective or easier to maintain and operate than the MightyPak."

Bill Monk, Director of Operations / Transportation
The Longaberger Company

"Savings and increased productivity we've seen with the system are incredible! Our fourth quarter results showed 57% savings with the MightyPak. And we achieved greater throughput with only 8 lines than we did before with 11 lines using other paper packaging machines."

Rod Malone, Operations Manager
The Longaberger Company

"Over the years, I have examined every void-fill alternative on the market in an effort to remove Styrofoam from my facility and subsequently landfills. The MightyPak was the first cost-competitive system I encountered that offered speed and simplicity. The change has created a cleaner, faster, cheaper and more earth-friendly issue from my facility."

Chris Shribner, Director of Operations
Heartland America

"Productivity improvements, innovation and cost savings always are a high priority of mine. That's why we were the first to recognize the potential of the MightyPak System. In the four years the MightyPak has been utilized at our facility, it has proven to be extremely efficient, reliable, cost effective and user friendly. The machine's modular design virtually eliminates any down time required for service. In the unlikely event that service is needed, you can simply swap out the paper-processing module with a spare and be back in operation. Other systems I have used or evaluated required the skills of a service technician to perform even the most minor fixes, which could result in added expense and prolonged down time. In summary, the MightyPak System not only improves the packaging line, but the bottom line as well."

Kim Nies, Warehouse Operations Supervisor
Access Business Group, Inc.

"I've been in the paper business for years and customers have been asking for a machine like this for a long time. Finally I can give them what they want. The MightyPak is designed to dispense paper so it's the most versatile void fill machine on the market. If you need heavy paper for your packaging requirements, the MightyPak can handle it. If you need light weight paper, it can handle that, too. You don't change machines to fit your requirements, you change paper. You've got to see it to believe it!"

Kirk Stephens, Operations Manager
Southwest Paper Sales, Inc.
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